The Red Show

RED: Material. Symbol. Emotion.Temperature.

The Sprinkler Factory, 38 Harlow St ,Worcester, MA 01605,

Opening Reception: April 11th 5-9pm (Saturday) 2015

RED: Material. Symbol. Emotion. Temperature. brings together 35 Worcester area artists who offer perspectives and interpretations on the subject of red. This exhibition explores the many intriguing aspects associated with this most primal color. Passion, vitality, danger, aggression, heat, rebellion, dominance, charity, abundance and intensity are but a few facets of this multidimensional subject.

The artists of the RED exhibition represent the color in a myriad of creative and unexpected ways. The visitor can experience red through video, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, collage, illustration, fabric, glass, ice, sound and interactive art. Join us as we celebrate red in this most diverse, reactive and innovative group exhibition!

Red Show

Participating Artists:

Lisa Barthelson

Scott Boilard

John Buron

Brian Burris

Stephanie Chubbuck

Donna Dufault

Veronica Fish

Luis Fraire

Tim Furman

John Garton

Anne Greene

Ruth Hemenway

Tim Johnson 

Melba Juez-Perrone

Nicholas Kantarelis

Catherine Kirsch

Amy Klausmeyer

Jeanne Kowal 

Joanna Matuck

Michelle May 

Lauren Monroe

Kim Noonan

Victor Pacheco

John Pagano

Paul Puiia

Elaine Pusateri Cowan 

Rainer Reichel

Brian Riach 

Emily Sandagata

Robb Sandagata

Mark Spencer

Susan Swinand

Marguerite White

Peter Wise

WPI Totem Project


April 12th 1-4pm (Sunday)

April 17th 4-8pm (Friday)

April 18th 1-4pm (Saturday)

April 19th 1-4pm (Sunday)

April 24th 4-8pm (Friday)

April 25th 1-4pm (Saturday)

April 26th 1-4pm (Sunday)