Show invite and why it's confusing everyone...

Hello My Friends!

I am having my first solo show of my photographs at the Worcester Center for the Crafts - the show runs from Jan 20th to Feb 27th. But the artist reception will take place on Jan 25th at 5:30pm in the Krikorian Gallery. You are all invited... Here is the formal invite:

So why does the Event page on Facebook say Jan 20th at 10am? Because that is the first day the show will be up in the gallery. So yes, you could certainly drop in that day to see it. Please do. I will be there at some point, nervous and checking the details of every little thing, but the artist reception is on Jan 25th.

Yes-- a Monday night. Why?

Well, I took these photos in a lot of restaurant kitchens and I really wanted to invite all the chef's and restaurant owners to come to the event. And typical Thursday or Friday or Sat night artist receptions would be very very difficult for them to attend. So I picked a Monday reception in hopes that that will encourage them to come out and see the work I created in their kitchens...


Phew... I hope this works!!