Glasses by Donna Dufault

Tableware and utilitarian vessels for storage and transportation are found just about everywhere you go these days. I am drawn to photograph the glass versions I find in my travels. When I see them stacked, lined up and layered, the repetition allows me to see them in such a way they become layered and beautiful. There are lots of playful patterns of light, reflections, and glorious bokkeh. In taking the time to look at these glasses, the realization came to me, it is a wonderful way to see light. There are always interesting patterns and reflections and I, quite frankly, I just find them very alluring. While photographing in bars, kitchens, and other culinary spaces, I am always drawn to the stacks, lines, and repetition of these glasses. The colors always appear bright and quasi magical. I see bits of painterly compositions and patterns that appear only when the light hits the glass and reflects. There can be a great level of detail and yet it's mostly unfocused. I enjoy the interplay created by this light and reflections.