Small Stones Festival of the Arts, Grafton, MA 2018

the premiere edition of the Small Stones Festival of the Arts, a collaboration of Apple Tree Arts, theWorcester County Camera Club, and the Blackstone Valley Arts Association. The festival will include a juried exhibition of photography and painting, with accompanying musical performances curated by Apple Tree Arts. Art will also be available for purchase on site. Admission is free to the general public.

This year’s festival will be held from November 9th to the 11th in the Great Hall at Apple Tree Arts, One Grafton Common, Grafton, MA.

Fine Art Photography Jurors

Nancy Burns

Nancy is currently Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings & Photographs at the Worcester Art Museum, where she has organized several photography exhibitions. Previous to her work at the museum she taught art history at Holy Cross and Clark University.

Scott Erb and Donna Dufault

Scott and Donna are working as a team as “one” of our photography judges.  As Erb/Dufault Photography, they focus on advertising, editorial, commercial portraiture and product work with a specialization in food, restaurant and hospitality clients.

Robert Ring

Bob is a photographer with over 40 years of experience in 35mm, medium format, 4×5 view camera, and now DSLR photography.  He is a cofounder of New England Photo Workshops and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Photographic Society of America.

The Artist Collective Show at the Sprinkler Gallery


Media Alert


Lost and Found

Works by The Artist Collective

Opening, November 5th, 2016

The Sprinkler Factory

38 Harlow Street

Worcester, MA


The Artist Collective is pleased to present a group show, Lost and Found an exhibition of outstanding works by its members.  The exhibit will continue from November 5 to November 27 at the Sprinkler Factory 38 Harlow Street in Worcester.   There will be an opening reception on Friday, November 5, 6-9pm. The 16 members of The Artist Collective are local artists who work in painting, fiber, printmaking, photography, mixed-media, painting, jewelry arts, digital art and vitreous enamel.  Each member offers a distinctive interpretation of the theme and a unique approach to their medium. 

Gallery talks are scheduled as follows:


A closing reception will be held on: Saturday, November 27 from 1pm-4pm.


Exhibiting artists are:

Jennifer Amenta, Andrea Driscoll, Anne Diamond McNevin, Chris Markman, Carlotta Miller, Don Ricklin, Donna DuFault, Jill Watts, Jennifer Davis Carey, Pamela Farren, Steffanie Schwam, Maryann Gallaher, Laura Cahalane, Leona Ricklin, Catherine Kirsch







Mark Lynch and WICN Interview

This was a really fun interview with Mark Lynch, on his show INQUIRY.  We talked about all things culinary and what it means to be a food and hospitality photographer in New England...all the dirt comes out...

Show invite and why it's confusing everyone...

Hello My Friends!

I am having my first solo show of my photographs at the Worcester Center for the Crafts - the show runs from Jan 20th to Feb 27th. But the artist reception will take place on Jan 25th at 5:30pm in the Krikorian Gallery. You are all invited... Here is the formal invite:

So why does the Event page on Facebook say Jan 20th at 10am? Because that is the first day the show will be up in the gallery. So yes, you could certainly drop in that day to see it. Please do. I will be there at some point, nervous and checking the details of every little thing, but the artist reception is on Jan 25th.

Yes-- a Monday night. Why?

Well, I took these photos in a lot of restaurant kitchens and I really wanted to invite all the chef's and restaurant owners to come to the event. And typical Thursday or Friday or Sat night artist receptions would be very very difficult for them to attend. So I picked a Monday reception in hopes that that will encourage them to come out and see the work I created in their kitchens...


Phew... I hope this works!!

Press Release for Culinary Imaginings Show

Media Release

Worcester Center for the Crafts

25 Sagamore Road Worcester MA 01605 

Contact:  Honee Hess, 508-579-8564 (cell)


For Immediate Release


CULINARY IMAGININGS exhibit presents first solo show of

Photographer Donna Dufault

Worcester, MA--Privileged to enter the inner sanctum (the kitchen) of chefs all over the East Coast, photographer Donna Dufault lets us discover the places where the chefs’ and the restaurateurs’ tools momentarily sit as they wait to be put into service.  Over 30 photographs, some in groups and representing two series from her work, CULINARY IMAGININGS is the first major solo show of Dufault’s work.  The show opens January 20 in the Center’s Krikorian Gallery with an opening reception on January 25, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 pm, a Monday evening so that those in the hospitality industry can help celebrate this remarkable work and photographer. 

The exhibit is the culmination of many years photographing behind the scenes during breaks from the commercial photography work she does with photographer husband, Scott Erb through their business Erb Photography.  The show is on view through February 27.  Media sponsor is Mass Foodies, an online publication debuting this winter.

“I’m fascinated by the art of preparing food and the tools used to create it,” said Ms. Dufault. “The dents, scratches, cracks and patina all create beauty in their imperfections. I truly enjoy tracking down the tools, and documenting their vulnerability from human treatment.” The resulting images which are included in the show are sometimes very abstract imaginings, while others are more clearly about the objects themselves.

In conjunction with the exhibit, a program of culinary storytelling entitled “HUNGRY MINDS” will be held on Monday, February 1 at 5:30 pm.  In addition to Ms. Dufault, local culinary greats from different backgrounds and experiences will tell engaging and entertaining stories from their own culinary imaginings: Chef Chris Rovezzi (Rovezzi’s of Sturbridge, MA), Brendyn Schneider (professional storyteller), Domenic Mercurio (publisher, Foodies of New England Magazine), and Chef Alina Eisenhauer (chef and owner, Sweet Bar and Kitchen).  Mr. Mercurio will also provide a mini-wine tasting courtesy Mercury Media & Entertainment.

On February 27 to close the show, the public is invited to a Pasta Dinner where you eat the food and take your hand-crafted ceramic plate home with you.  A reimagined event from the annals of Craft Center history, the Pasta Dinner is sure to get you collecting plates!  Tickets ($40 per adult; children under 12, $10 paper plate) will go on sale for the Pasta Dinner in late January.

“Having Donna’s work here on view is a coup for the Crafts Center,” says Candace Casey, Krikorian Gallery Director.  “Photography is one of our craft mediums and creating beautiful things to serve food on and with is one of our passions.  It’s a natural.”

Ms. Dufault has over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry. She has a BFA degree in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. She has worked at some of the best photographic printing labs in the country and with some of the top art photographers in the world. This experience coupled with years of gallery experience, running art marketing groups, curating shows, and co-coordinating photo workshops has given her a unique perspective into the fine art photography world.

In addition to being fascinated by the tools of the chef, Ms. Dufault seeks out the food industry soldiers—tableware and vessels for storage.  “I am drawn to photograph the glass versions I find in my travels. Stacked, arrayed, or layered, the line and repetition of glass creates playful patterns of light and color,” says Dufault.  “Light, reflections and distortions revealed through the glass create beautiful, painterly abstractions. It’s a wonderful challenge to compose and capture an image before the light changes and the enchantment of color and luminosity is lost.”

Currently, Ms. Dufault collaborates with her husband, Scott Erb of Erb Photography, who has been a successful commercial photographer for over 17 years. Together they have been jet setting all over the U.S. taking photos for companies who use them on web sites, ads, brochures and in magazines. Their specialty is the hospitality industry working with restaurants, hotels, chefs, and others in the food art industry. Worcester Living Magazine voted their studio “The Best Photo Studio” several years in a row.

Together they also the founded the Worcester Alliance of Photographers, which has grown over the last 10 years into a wonderful care-free group of over 800 photographers. Both are founding partners in their latest endeavor, Foodies of New England Magazine, which was started in Oct 2012. The magazine is now in over 2200+ locations for sale all over New England.

     Media sponsor:

About the Worcester Center for Crafts:

The Worcester Center for Crafts (WCC) is one of the oldest non-profit institutions for craft study in the United States.  Founded in 1856 as the Worcester Employment Society to help immigrant women produce and sell hand-crafted wares to support their families, the Center evolved over the past 155 years into New England's leading center for craft education, exhibition and entrepreneurship.  In 2004, the organization expanded and opened the New Street Glass Studio - an off-campus, 8,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, multi-studio glass facility.  The WCC offers the only comprehensive glass studio program in New England available to the public.  Through an affiliation begun in 2009, the WCC is home to the Worcester State University visual arts studios and partners in community outreach.


The Craft Center's mission is "to sustain craft as a vital part of our community" by providing high-quality craft education and training, by supporting craft artists in their professions, and through

advocacy and public education initiatives including adult education classes and workshops, youth education and outreach programs, exhibitions showcasing the work of established and emerging artists, artist residencies, lectures, family events, studio rentals, Gallery Store, and major events.  The WCC is a member of the Worcester Cultural Coalition and its WOO Pass program, and receives funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

First Mentions of My Culinary Imaginings Show- Jan 25th, 2016

Today I saw the first constant contact email from the Worcester Center for the Crafts that mentions my upcoming solo show at the Krikorian Gallery in January. So exciting! It's all coming together, only a few more prints to be made and then it will hit the walls. Please save the date and come out to see the show. I also have a few prints in the gallery store for sale if anyone wants to see a sneak peek of what is coming...


I am not a fan of paperwork. I don't mean the beautiful cut out creations of Kristi Malakoff.

I mean the contracts, the inventory lists, the labels, the packing sheets and of course the To Do lists. But they are all necessary and have a place in the organizational chain of getting things done to produce a gallery exhibition. So I have them all and I am feeling some what organized. Are things on the the ToDo list getting done? Well, yes they are, but with any large project its hard to look at it's entire scope and not get overwhelmed. So-as I like to say, (ask anyone in my Project Group they will tell you) It's like eating an elephant, you have to do it one bite at a time.

Just some of the paperwork for the gallery show Culinary Imaginings

Learning about Art Dates

A few years ago, I realized I was in a huge slump, a creative black hole really. I had not been able to make personal work for years and I threw myself into my job. Which was creative- but was mostly dictated by client needs and designs by others. I loved my job and worked hard at making great images for everyone else-- but myself. Everything I tried to make on my own, for my own sake, was just downright horrid. 

I turned to a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I worked my way through the ideas in the book and it took me a lot longer than 12 weeks to tackle all the work and concepts ( and that is a blog post for another day...) But one idea that struck me hard as a hammer to the forehead was something she called "An Art Date." 

The Art Date took on many forms for me.

My very first one started by entering a local art store, CC Lowell in Worcester. I went inside and began to wander around. Just looking at the things on the shelves. I would occasionally reach out and caress a beautiful line up of colorful papers. Or pull the caps off silver markers just to see the glimmer inside. I touched clay, paint tubes, and a series of other art making tools. 

I picked up watercolor papers and pens. I paid for them and got them home. Where I promptly stared at them. Wondering what the hell to do with them. I painted, drew, colored and generally made a big ass mess. 

But it was my first art date, I didn't have to get it right the first time out. Other dates lead me to museums, parks with sculptures and sandy beaches where I would gawk at the waves for hours.

Ultimately, I realized these dates weren't working really well. I was still slumped. I could not go it alone. This realization meant someone had to go down these paths with me. So I decided I needed a partner in my creative crimes. I bit the bullet and reached out to fellow emerging artist and photography pal Sara Acton. She listened to my hurt ego, my bleeding artists soul, and watched the tears roll along my cheeks as I explained my ever increasing black hole of creative need. So after all that, when I asked her if she would go on some art dates with me, she ran away as fast as she could!

Just kidding...!

She embraced the idea as fully as it could have been and we began our journey. Now we have a once a month art date on the books at all times. We occasionally have emergency art dates that happen so last min, the texts fly at 10:30 at night and we are meeting at 8am the next morning in a coffee shop over tasty treats, notebooks and deep thoughts. These art dates have been going on for years now...

So off we went...We have traveled to museums together. I watched her create memory boxes and wind chimes from found bits and pieces at Knack (while I hacked out total crap at Knack, but I was out there, baby, trying, --- remember at that point I was in my black hole people, and she was not.)

That was the first step, surround yourself with others who are "doing it" and doing it well.

Enter Cindy, Cynthia Woehrle, artist, painter, curator, gallery worker, - out there doing it. But what the hell, maybe she'd like to join in the art dates with us. It'd be nice to have a talented creative painter who does ridiculous beautiful things with paint, on our art dates, sharing the goals.

On no, she said the word GOALS... yep stay tuned to hear about what we have done...



There are days when I can not focus. I am restless and wandering around my workspace, spinning my wheels and signing a lot... If I have work to do, my mind nags at me to settle down and just get it done.  Sometime I can just push through those moments and get my mind to adjust and do the work. Other days it impossible.

So I need a fix with my books.

I can sit down in front of my bookshelves and randomly pluck a book off my shelf and start flipping. Somedays I settle on words among those pages and my mind works those words until things come together for me. Other days the images get me there. 

Either way, books help me in my process. Check out my shelves - see if there is a title you may enjoy.

One of the bookshelves with Photo, Art, and Marketing Books
One of the bookshelves with Photo, Art, and Marketing Books

My 2nd Meeting with the Krikorian Gallery in Worcester, MA

Today I meet with Honee Hess, Executive Director, and Candace Casey, Gallery Director, of the Worcester Center for the Crafts. They offered me the opportunity to have a show of my photography work at the Krikorian Gallery in Jan of 2016. 

So... I jumped at the opportunity. We discussed the show (title to be Culinary Imaginings), batted around ideas for the opening, and signed the contract. I even brought some prints into the gallery to see what they would look like in that space under their lights.

Image Line Up at the Gallery
Donna Dufault at Gallery

After all the excitement of the discussion and the planning, I left the building with my hubby Scott; and promptly had what can only be described as a panic attack. Yep right there in the parking lot.  The realization that "this" was happening- hit me like a ton of bricks. So... I got myself together and started to think about a plan. What's next...

The Red Show

RED: Material. Symbol. Emotion.Temperature.

The Sprinkler Factory, 38 Harlow St ,Worcester, MA 01605,

Opening Reception: April 11th 5-9pm (Saturday) 2015

RED: Material. Symbol. Emotion. Temperature. brings together 35 Worcester area artists who offer perspectives and interpretations on the subject of red. This exhibition explores the many intriguing aspects associated with this most primal color. Passion, vitality, danger, aggression, heat, rebellion, dominance, charity, abundance and intensity are but a few facets of this multidimensional subject.

The artists of the RED exhibition represent the color in a myriad of creative and unexpected ways. The visitor can experience red through video, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, collage, illustration, fabric, glass, ice, sound and interactive art. Join us as we celebrate red in this most diverse, reactive and innovative group exhibition!

Red Show

Participating Artists:

Lisa Barthelson

Scott Boilard

John Buron

Brian Burris

Stephanie Chubbuck

Donna Dufault

Veronica Fish

Luis Fraire

Tim Furman

John Garton

Anne Greene

Ruth Hemenway

Tim Johnson 

Melba Juez-Perrone

Nicholas Kantarelis

Catherine Kirsch

Amy Klausmeyer

Jeanne Kowal 

Joanna Matuck

Michelle May 

Lauren Monroe

Kim Noonan

Victor Pacheco

John Pagano

Paul Puiia

Elaine Pusateri Cowan 

Rainer Reichel

Brian Riach 

Emily Sandagata

Robb Sandagata

Mark Spencer

Susan Swinand

Marguerite White

Peter Wise

WPI Totem Project


April 12th 1-4pm (Sunday)

April 17th 4-8pm (Friday)

April 18th 1-4pm (Saturday)

April 19th 1-4pm (Sunday)

April 24th 4-8pm (Friday)

April 25th 1-4pm (Saturday)

April 26th 1-4pm (Sunday)

Assets for Artists

After signing up for the Assets for Artists free classes, I was really excited to be accepted into the financial training classes as well. Because let's face it, all of us artists need a little more training and help with understanding the biz aspect of our businesses. The programs have been extraordinary and so beneficial. Don't get me wrong, they are hard work, use lots of brain power and there is even a bit of homework. But I already have lots crossed off my to-do list. I even got an really nice write up on their web site recently. Check that out here.