The Tool Project

I began working on a project about my father’s garage and his tools. During this project, I photographed the things in his garage as still life’s. This is a commemoration to a large part of his life.

I began by gathering up groups of tools from my dad’s garage, mostly the things he used daily. I piled them into buckets and crates. I lugged them home, where I would feel the metal and weight. I’d hold and play with these grimy metal tools, realizing I did not know always know what their real purpose was. But I knew what purpose they would serve me, knowing that I wanted them to help create photographs as a response to memories.

When I share these photos with people I like to point out how he engraved his name on a few of these tools. That’s his handwriting.

These Black and White tools photographs bring back remembrance of days spent with dad in his garage. My hope is that the quality of these images allows you to see the content in a whole new light, and appreciate in some small way, the hands of the person who used them.

I only wish I had a picture of his hands. The real tools. But my memory does have those captured even if scraps of film do not. Those hands — thick, callused and forever dirty. Those hands, I see them in a photograph in my mind.

These prints are the perfect addition to any tool lover’s collection. The black and white photography gives the prints a feeling of nostalgia, while the fine details in the images themselves reveal the level of use by a professional machinist – some one who used them on a daily basis. Whether you’re a DIY expert or just appreciate beautiful tools, these print is sure to leave and an impression.

So are you looking for a unique piece of art to add an edge to your home? This black and white decor, featuring a wide range of tools, is perfect for the modern home or industrial looking loft. All photographs in the art series are made on high-quality 11″ x 14″ photographic papers.

Ballbearings and Clamp