The Faith Collection

I began working on a project using my mother’s religious artifacts in March of 2020- just as the Covid 19 virus was closing everything down.  I’d just returned from being by her bedside with my family during her last difficult days. 

When she was gone, my family returned to her empty apartment and had to sort through her things making decision after decision.

17 Crosses

17 Crosses

During this time, I realized I was finding nods to her religion scattered everywhere. I found crosses and crucifix’s, saint metals and rosaries in every drawer, side table, and jewelry box. On finding the 17th cross, I decided to do a photography project with all these items. So I gathered them all up and piled them into shipping boxes. I then mailed them to my home.

This is where I would spend time looking closely at them. I noticing all the wear, the smoothness created by years of her fingers running over them and praying with them. Being a catholic played a large role in my mother’s life. I knew the purpose of these items.  I wanted them beautifully arranged in order to create photographs to commemorate her and her faith. I was trying to create a fitting memorial to a big part of her life. I also wrote text about my experiences surrounding the cleaning out of her apartment after her death. It was very personal, and it was about healing. But I won’t share that here. Instead, I share these still life’s. The project is titled “The Faith Collection.” I look at these photos and I see my mom’s faith. These images bring a small solace to me by conjuring memories of her. After all, her name was Faith M. Dufault.