The Faith Collection

The Faith Collection

A project dedicated to preserving my mothers cherished religious artifacts. 

In March 2020, as the world was abruptly altered by Covid 19, my family and I had just returned from being by my mothers bedside during her last difficult days. My family went to her empty apartment for one last goodbye. We were faced with monumental and heartbreaking task of sorting through all of her belongings, making decision after decision.

During this time, I realized I was finding nods to her religion scattered everywhere. I found crosses and crucifix’s, saint metals, and rosaries in every drawer, side table, and jewelry box. On finding the 17th cross, I decided to do a photography project using all these items. They were so beautifully worn down from her repeated rubbing while praying. So I gathered them all up and packed them into shipping boxes so I could then mail them to my home studio.

This gave me the time I needed in my studio to spend time looking closely at each item. I was captivated by all the wear, the smoothness created by years of her fingers running over them and praying with them. Being a catholic played a large role in my mother’s life. I knew the purpose of these items and they provided her much comfort during challenging times.

For weeks I labored to arrange them beautifully. Balance and composition play a huge role in my work. And this works purpose was becoming too create photographs to commemorate her and her faith. I realized I was trying to create a fitting memorial to a big part of her life.

I titled the project “The Faith Collection.” When I look at these photos I can see and feel my mom’s faith. These images bring a small solace to me by conjuring memories of her. This Faith Collection is a tribute to honor all she believed in.  After all, her name was Faith Dufault.

These photographs are printed on high quality archival photographic paper, ensuring that it will last for generations to come. They would make an excellent addition to any collection of religious art, or simply serve as a beautiful and inspiring piece of décor. All prints in The Faith Collection are printed with a white border on archival 11″ x 14″ photographic paper.

These images as wall art are the perfect way to celebrate your faith, your devotion, or your love for your religion. I pride myself on creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful by honoring my mothers faith. I hope you’ll take a moment to browse through this collection and find the perfect piece for your home, prayer corner or church.

The Faith Collection Group Photo