Are they worse for the wear? Have they seen better days?

They were found. Each one was found. Among piles at yard sales, antique stores, even in the dirt along the sides of the roads. Each was once shiny and new. Each had purpose, whether it was among a set for a vibrant table setting or in the hands of a young and eager newlywed. Some were passed down from previous generations. Some were in drawers for years, tarnishing and languishing from in use. But I found them. Dusted them off. Give them a place among the others. Then when all were gathered together, I started working to surrounding them with other bits and pieces found on beaches, among yards, in retail stores and all these pieces are from all over the world. They have a new life. One where they get looked at again with new focus. Seen. Seen in new settings. Seen for their worn beauty and for the wear they have endured. Seen as being part of something newly arranged. Newly looked at. They have a new life.